AppAnnie State of Mobile in 2020 Report

State of Mobile 2020
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
The Mobile Performance Standard
Consumers Downloaded a Record 204 Billion Apps
Consumer Spend Hit $120B, up 2.1x From 2016
Mobile Is Our Go-To Device, Capturing 3 Hrs 40 Min Per Day
Mobile-First Companies Saw 825% Higher Avg IPO Valuation
In-App Subscriptions Contribute to 96% of Spend in Top Non-Gaming Apps
Mobile Is the Central Nervous System of Our Connected Lives
Don’t Miss Out: Gen Z Has 60% More Sessions Per User in Top Apps Than Older Demographics
2020 Is Set to Be Mobile’s Biggest Year, With Advertising Fueling Revenue
Mobile Gaming Is the World’s Most Popular Form of Gaming
Casual Arcade Games Contributed 47% of Games Downloads
Core Games Represented Only 18% of Downloads, Yet 55% of Time Spent in Top Games
Core Games Made Up 76% of Spend, Echoing the Growing Shift Towards Core Gaming in Western Markets
Companies Increased Spend on Branding Ad Campaigns in Games
South Korea Saw Highest ARPU Among 2019 Game Releases
More Games Than Ever Before Surpassed $5M in Annual Consumer Spend
Breakout Games of 2019: Downloads
Breakout Games of 2019: Consumer Spend
Globally, Consumers Are Migrating More of Their Financial Activities to Mobile
User Base Growth of Top Fintech Apps Topped Traditional Banking Apps
Globally, Money Is Left on the Table for Wallet Apps by Banks, but This Varies by Market
Fintech Apps Dominated the Breakout Finance Apps of 2019
Breakout Finance Apps of 2019
Shoppers Turn to Mobile for Research, Consideration, Purchase and Loyalty
Time Spent in Shopping Apps Drives Online and In-Store Conversions
Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Made Strong Gains in Mobile Engagement
More Mobile Shopping Than Ever Before
Breakout Retail Apps of 2019
Consumers Choose the Small Screen: Mobile Is Our Go-To Device for Entertainment
TikTok and Disney+ Carve Into Crowded US Video Streaming Market
YouTube Music Used Cross-Promotion to Attract 77M Active Users
Breakout Video Streaming Apps of 2019
50% of Time Spent on Mobile Is in Social and Comms
Fragmentation and Specialization in Social Market as Niche Apps Fill a Market Void
TikTok Tidal Wave: Time Spent Exceeded 68B Hours in 2019
Breakout Social Apps of 2019
Ride-Sharing Apps See Strong Growth in Total Rides in 2019
Fast Food and Food Delivery Apps Upend Restaurant Industry
Consumers Spent Over $2.2B in Dating Apps, 2x As Much As in 2017
Consumers Turned to Mobile to Stream Their Favorite Sports Matches
Consumers Spent 130% More Money in Health and Fitness Apps in 2019 vs 2017
Worldwide Monthly Active Users in 2019
Worldwide Downloads in 2019
Worldwide Consumer Spend in 2019
Discover New Mobile Trends and Insights for 2020
Discover New Mobile Trends and Insights for 2020
 2020 State of Mobile:
2019 Country-Level Ranking Tables: Top Apps and Companies byDownloads, Active Users and Consumer Spend
2020 State of Mobile Report Summary
5 Things You Need to Know for a Successful 2020 on Mobile
A Look Back At the Top Apps & Games of the Decade
Mobile Analysis and Insights:

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